A 52-year old Tamil woman has died after a collision between a large cube van and TTC bus in Northeast Toronto yesterday (Aug 13, 2013).   Manoranjana Kanagasabapathy was just getting on the bus when the cube van struck the front right of the bus, near the door. 13 peopleRead More →

Five people are hurt after a clash between Muslims and a Buddhist mob. The mob attached a mosque in Colombo. The mosque located in Grandpass is not suitable for use and the worshipers have to move elsewhere. There has been no arrest made so far, authorities have also been condemnedRead More →

A Chinese woman has written a book in Tamil. She has been studying Tamil in a Chinese University for the last 15 years. Her name is Zhao Jiang, but her Tamil name which she prefers is Kalaimakal.   Kalaimakal is a fluent Tamil-speaker and is the director of China RadioRead More →

A Two-and-a-half month baby has been diagnosed with spontaneous human combustion (SHC). The baby named Rahul, has caught on fire four times since he was born. This is a rare disorder which has only affected 200 people in the last 300 years. Rahul, who is being treated at KilpaukMedical CollegeRead More →

What began as a hobby 35 years ago has now become a part-time profession for C.Vetrivel, 51.  He has a collection of ageless Tamil literary works and about 5,000 Tamil magazines, a majority of which have wound up.  He lends his books free of cost to students, teachers and voracious readers.Read More →

Tamil Nadu has placed in sixth place among all of the states in India in attracting investments locally and abroad.  The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India, known as Assocham, announced that Tamil Nadu’s committed investment has received 7 percent of the total Rs. 143 lakh crore asRead More →

As we all know Tamils like to buy and wear gold, it has been a tradition in our culture for centuries.  No matter what country we live in, we tend to buy and wear gold.  We don’t just like to wear it, but also like to give it as aRead More →

A lady gave birth to one of the heaviest babies ever to be born in Germany.  The baby was delivered at University Hospital Leipzig last week. According to hospital statement, the baby, which is a girl named Jasleen, was born naturally, not by a C-section.  At birth, the baby weighedRead More →

A coach has plunged off a flyover in southern Italy leaving at least 38 people dead in the country’s worst road accident for decades. The coach hit several vehicles before smashing through a barrier and toppling down a steep slope near the town of Avellino, in the Campania region. AtRead More →